Our Catering Services In Hong Kong
Our Catering Services In Hong Kong
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Cooking HK - Frequently Asked Questions Q: Do you uphold online installment? A: Any one realizes that cooking administration in HK can include a great deal of factors, in this way we might want to discuss well with our clients prior to hurrying to gather installment. We attempt to stay away from superfluous discounts or any correspondence issues en route. Q: How can submit a request on the web? A: For all private or corporate providing food in Hong Kong, you can put in your request straightforwardly on our site, or you can likewise arrange through our hotline (2870 0535), email ([email protected]) or WhatsApp (9132 7130). At the point when we have accepted your cooking HK request, we will survey and reach you at the earliest opportunity. The installment technique and follow-up updates will be sent as well. Q: Can I change the subtleties of my providing food HK request subsequent to submitting the request? A: Please reach us through our hotline (2870 0535), email ([email protected]) or WhatsApp (9132 7130). Q: How to ascertain the measure of food required? A: There are numerous factors included while deciding the measure of food required, for example the food mix, client demand, spending time in jail, event, and so forth We can assist with giving ideas, for example, for corporate cooking, on the most proficient method to all the more likely measure the amount of food required in the wake of examining with you. Q: How is the food conveyed? Is expendable cutlery included? A: The most essential type of food conveyance is by expendable aluminum foil or plastic plate. The food will be kept warm (or cold) in protected holders, contingent upon the circumstance. Dispensable cutlery and paper napkins are incorporated. In case you are searching explicitly for utensil rentals, kindly put a comment when you request requesting a citation. Q: Do you have any photographs of your food and gear? A: Since we have a huge assortment of food and gear on offer, we can't in any way, shape or form put all the photographs on the site at this time. Nonetheless, you are generally free to contact our cooking Hong Kong staff for any photographs you are searching for. The rundown on our site is a long way from our full rundown.

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